How do we stop modern slums in Greater Manchester?

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Oldham Liberal Democrat Councillors Sam Al-Hamdani and Hazel Gloster will pose this question when they propose a related motion at the next full meeting of Oldham Council (15 July). Councillors Al-Hamdani and Gloster are seeking a guarantee that any new homes that are built in the Borough have natural light and a minimum space standard. They also want this guarantee to extend to former non-residential premises converted into homes. Councillor Al-Hamdani, who is proposing the motion, said: “In Watford last year, despite the strong objections of the Liberal Democrat Mayor and Liberal Democrat Council, planning permission was granted for flats that had no windows and were smaller than 37 square metres, which is below the government guidelines. While there are guidelines, there is nothing in law saying this cannot happen…
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