Stop clothing waste, meet clothing need, say Oldham’s Liberal Democrats

Parliamentary news
Oldham Liberal Democrat Councillors Garth Harkness and Diane Williamson are concerned that a culture of ‘fast fashion’ prevails in the UK which leads to the over-production and over-consumption of clothing At the same time, they can also see that people on low-incomes in the Borough are sometimes unable to afford the clothing that they need for themselves and their families, and that workers in the clothing trade are badly exploited. At the next meeting of the full Council (15 July), Councillors Harkness and Williamson are proposing that Oldham Council works with representatives from the clothing manufacturers and retailers; the trades unions in these sectors; and campaign groups to develop a strategy to end clothing waste, meet clothing need and tackle the exploitation of garment workers in this Borough. Councillor Garth…
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