Lib Dems complain over shambolic planning meeting

Borough news, Saddleworth News
Liberal Democrat Councillors Garth Harkness and Diane Williamson have written to the Chief Executive of Oldham Council, Dr Carolyn Wilkins and the Leader of Oldham Council, Councillor Sean Fielding to complain about the way in which the decisions were made for applications to build on protected land in Saddleworth and green spaces in Sholver. “A previous application in Royton was refused on the same grounds as what was proposed for the protected land in Saddleworth.  The professionalism of the meeting was that bad that it descended into a shambles, with members of the public not knowing what how the committee voted,” said Councillor Garth Harkness. Councillor Diane Williamson added: “We have lodged a formal complaint on the grounds of unfairness and procedural impropriety due to the poor leadership of the meeting and…
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