Oldham Borough, hit hard by Covid-19, will now gets less cash

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Councillor Howard Sykes MBE, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Opposition leader on Oldham Council, is appalled at a shocking new study, which shows the areas worst hit by Covid-19 will now receive some of the largest cuts in Government support.   Oldham Borough is in the top ten Councils worst hit by the virus.  More than £100 million of public money has been diverted away from councils in the bottom half of the English deprivation index.  Oldham Borough is unfortunately one of those council areas. Conservative run areas are not receiving funding cuts in the same way.  Many believe this is a sly political move by Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.  Oldham Borough will now not receive £1.1 million diverted monies.  Councillor Sykes said: “The cash was supposed to…
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